Monday, 8 June 2009


OK, so I was sick today. It's now 10 days in a row. Still, not so great. And my placement phoned the uni, I think they are under the impression that I just fancied a lie-in this morning. Yes, because I am stupid enough to risk my career for a couple of extra hours in bed. Sometimes, people's underestimation of me really grates.

Anyway. Sick day today meant I got to listen to Jen on the radio. And lady, if you are reading, YOU ROCK. More than Muse on a pebbled beach! (That's a lotta rock.) Just plain awesome, indeedy do. Eloquent, prettyful, talented and full of loveliness; is there nothing you can't do!?

Ah well. I'm in on a late tomorrow, meaning I can lie in tomorrow morning. Bootiful.

I have 7 shifts left in the hellhole. Roll on 8.30am, Friday 19th June 2009. I'll run from there quicker than Any Wino from rehab.

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